Wreck Evening Boat Dive (Pentrych)

Our next evening wreck dive is the Pentrych, departing Brighton Marina with skipper Steve Johnson on Channel Diver,  Thursday 14th June.
Ropes away 17:30 sharp.
Advised to arrive on boat for 16:45.

Max depth 20 metres.

Details here: http://www.wrecksite.eu/wreck.aspx?190

This 3.382 ton British Steamer with a cargo of coal was sunk on 18 April 1918 by a torpedoed from the German submarine UB 40, she sunk to a depth of 22mtrs.
She is a good dive for novices with parts of the wreck standing some stands 7m high from the sea bed.
Although she is a well dived wreck, keep an eye out for the odd souvenir and have you seen the big gun on the stern, I have. The stern lays on its starboard side with the gun laying level with the seabed and pointing backwards towards the prop.

Telephone Dive Machine during normal working hours to book your place.
Tel:01732-773553 or email  Pentrych Dive 

£30 per diver. This is for PADI AOW or equivalent.

If you need kit hire, let us know at time of booking.