Watch & Dive Computer Water Resistance and Pressure Chamber Testing Pot




Watch & Dive Computer Water Resistance and Pressure Testing Pot



Product Code: DMPPV1.0

This pressure pot is what we use to test dive computers and watches following battery replacement or repair.

Although testing computers to a depth of 30-40 metres is ample for the majority of brands we have taken computers down to 100 metres with this chamber.

We have tested and repaired all the following computers that fit easily into this unit.

all Suunto models inc Cobra

Uwatec Galileo (as shown)

Mares Icon HD


Atomic Aquatics Cobalt

all Oceanic inc. Datamax Pro

VR Technologies





Shearwater Predator


We haven’t yet found a dive computer that does not fit inside this testing unit.

Air integrated (hosed units) need to be put in the chamber with the hose end above water level.

Very simple to operate:

Step 1: Attach the dive computer to the plunger and seal the unit using the 4 securing knobs.

Pressurise the chamber to 30 metres (approx 4 atmospheres). This is achieved with a simple foot pump, supplied.

Keep the computer above the water level inside the pot for 2-3 minutes, then plunge the computer underwater and release the pressure relatively rapidly. If lots of bubbles appear around the Oring seal it is leaking and you don’t have a sound Oring seal. Replace the computer oring and start again as above.

Step 2: Re-pressurise the chamber to 30 metres with the computer under the water.

Give the computer a simulated dive of 5-10 minutes.

Bring the computer up fast by releasing the pressure, this allows you to check the ascent alarms. You will clearly hear the alarm’s sounding.

Level depth off at the computer’s required safety stop depth, usually around 5 metres.

Wait for the required safety stop to clear then bring the computer back to surfce mode by releasing the remaining pressure from the chamber.

Remove the computer from the pressure chamber and check for “no-fly mode” enabled. Check the logged dive and that’s it.

The V1.0 unit is made from aluminium and clear Acrylic tube and is pressurised using a foot pump.

Our next model, V2.0 will have a quick connect fiffing to be operated from a regulated cylinder valve LP outlet.

Please be aware only version V1.0 is available currently. V2.0 is likely to be released late 2015.

If you wish to order one of these unit’s there is currently approximately a 4-6 week waiting list.

Please do not order if you are not willing to wait as we are unable to complete orders for this unit any sooner.

Most test unit’s on the web are only suitable for watch sized dive computers . Our unit is sold at a similar price to these watch unit’s and allows all the above to be tested without any additional cost.

Feel free to ask us any question’s.

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