Miflex High Pressure Gauge Hose


Miflex Carbon HD High Pressure gauge hose designed to be tough and lightweight with your gauges.



Miflex High Pressure Gauge Hose

Designed for divers that prefer a stiffer and a more robust HP hoses than the Miflex Xtreme-hi range, but with more flexibility than the traditional rubber hoses, Miflex have developed a new high performance HP hose.


Aimed at divers who perform expeditions where contact with rocks and wrecks are more frequent, Miflex offers the new Carbon HD range of HP hoses, have a larger outside diameter and electrolysis nickel plated fittings.


Carbon HD high pressure gauge hoses are approved according to the EN250 standard.

As the name suggest these are be Carbon Black in colour and this range of hoses are available in the following lengths:

Carbon HD HP Diving hoses Specification

Standard fitttings: M 7/16″ UNF, F 7/16″ UNF

Working Pressure: 300 Bar
Outside Diameter: 7.5mm

Test Results
Burst Test Pressure: > 2,000 Bar (EN250 requirement >1250 Bar)
Pull-out test: > 250kg (EN250 requirement >100Kg)


Carbon HD High Pressure Gauge Hoses
These have 7/16” UNF male x 7/16” UNF female fittings as standard. The male fitting connects to the 1st sage, whilst the female fitting connects to the SPG or console.
At the female (SPG) end of the hose, the seal and swivel joint is made with the use of a standard swivel pin/airspool that seals via o-rings that fit inside the hose fitting & SPG. This is not supplied with the hose as standard as they are usually provided with the SPG or console.


Miflex High Pressure Gauge Hose






Additional information

Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 30 x 20 x 2 cm
Hose Length

15cm, 80cm, 90cm