Gun Cylinder 4 Litre 300 bar set

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4 litre 300 Bar gun charging cylinder


Gun Cylinder 4 Litre 300 bar set

At 4 Litres, this cylinder is a small and compact unit that can be easily carried into the field like our 3 Litre, but is much more stable when standing up – due to its lower centre of gravity and wider footprint.

Filling to 300 Bar, complete with a boot, hose assembly.  This cylinder is a great deal for people who need the mobility and storage benefits of a compact cylinder.

Size 4 Litre (1200 Litres @ 300Bar)
Max Pressure 300 Bar
Airgun Fills* 12
Weight 9 Kg
Height/Width 46/22 Cm
Test Interval 5 Years

*Typical minimum fills per cylinder for a gun operating down to 100 bar having internal 0.4Litre storage

Gun Cylinder 4 Litre 300 bar set

For air guns andrifles do you need to know how many fills you will get from a 3, 7,10,12,15 litre cylinder? AIR GUN FILL CALCULATOR HERE:

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 65 cm