Lavacore polytherm bootie


This super comfortable water-sport accessory will keep you warm, comfortable and safe. Designed with our slip-resistant and durable ToughSole material.

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Lavacore polytherm bootie

The lavacore polytherm bootie is designed to protect the foot and offer insulation.  This can be used to insulate a foot in a boot/fin or to keep a foot warm in a kayak.

Outer Layer

Flexible, durable and water repellent outer layer facilitates fast water run-off and quick drying. UPF 50+

Middle Layer

Windproof and breathable middle membrane provides anti-wind chill properties, draws moisture away from the body on the surface and ensures warmth in cold conditions.

Inner Layer

Warm, moisture wicking and anti-bacterial inner fleece layer minimizes odor and keeps you warm above and below the surface.

Polytherm Tech

  • Hard wearing sole with grip and flexibility
  • Added footing on wet surfaces
  • Anti-burn protection on hot sand and pebbles
  • Polytherm fleece lined for optimum in water thermal protection

Lavacore polytherm bootie

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