Beaver Swag Mesh Bag


The Beaver swag bag is designed to hold your items that were collected on a dive.  The mesh allows water flow, should you catch any edible creatures whist on a dive.  Sturdy marine stainless steel offers support on the handle.

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Beaver Swag Mesh Bag

The Beaver Swag Bag is a SCUBA Divers Goody Bag or Catch Bag with nylon coated steel reinforced handles with a 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel clip to maintain the bag in a closed position. Wide opening hinged mouth with high visibility section into the main mesh bag section, ensures that loading the Swag Bag with items collected throughout a dive can be easily stored and carried. Tough brightly coloured nylon upper section is combined with an heavy duty mesh polymer lower section, which allows fast draining of water and rapid drying after use. All features that combine to make the Swag Bag ideal for moving articles to the surface.

SIZE: 43 x 68cm.

COLOUR: BLACK & LIME Beaver Swag Mesh Bag

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Weight 2.00 kg