Tenergy Battery Charger

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Sealife and Scubapro have chosen Tenergy battery products to compliment their range of rechargeable LED dive and video lights. The Tenergy Fast Battery Charger is suitable for a variety of Li-ion batteries including the 18650 used by the Scubapro Nova 700r torch and Sealife Sea Dragon Mini 600.

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Tenergy Battery Charger is designed to charge 1 or 2 Li-ion cells this charger is compatible with the 18650 Li-ion Cell used in the Scubapro Nova 700R torch and the Sealife Sea Dragon Mini 600 video light. comes with a UK adapter. Is designed for Worldwide voltage input and has 2 charging channels to independently charge 2 cells! LED lights indicate charge state.

Sealife Part# SL9815
Tenergy Battery Charger

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