Tec 45 Diver qualifies at Stoney Cove

Well done to Gary McFarlane who qualified as a Tec 45 diver today at Stoney Cove with Course Director Robert Varns.

The weather was not kind to us today with wind and rain but that didn’t put the dampeners on the diving. Gary worked  very well through all his skills with a few minor issues but my attitude is if nothing goes wrong you don’t necessarily learn anything in diving. As imple saying is “CANI”… Constant and Neverending Improvement.

Superb execution of dive planning and our missions for the two dive tours was to visit the Stangarth Tug boat wreck and the Helicopter.
Visibility was not the usual high quality that Stoney offers with a max of around 4 metres at it best. With no sunshine there was little light in 30 metres, so torches were essential.
Interesting how fast the water temperature dropped on descent with a mild 17 degrees in the shallows dropping right down to 8 degree’s below 27 metres. That’s a 1 degree drop every 3 metres. Bbbbrrrr..
Glad we had decided to switch back  to Drysuits for today’s dives. It’s been lovely diving wetsuit all through the glorious summer.  Drysuits today were essential for thermal protection at Stoney in this temp.

During our two dive tours we had large Pike, hundreds of Perch and large Roach, just to make the dive more interesting. It’s Gary’s 1st visit to Stoney and his view was “I will be back”.

Roll on the Tec 50  course soon and once again congratulation’s Gary.

Also thank you for our ever superb surface support from Carol who kept us supplied with Stoney’s Egg/Sausage & Bacon Cobbs and Hot Chocolate drinks.