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PADI Advanced Open Water Dives

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

Over the weekend our team was at our lokal lake completing Advanced Open Water Dives.
April Gregory coped extremely well in the chilling 4 degrees in her Azdry drysuit and completed Drysuit, Peak Performance Buoyancy and Navigation dives with our instructors, Helen Acton, Bill Wilson and new divemaster Gary McFarlane. Alos in attendance over the weekend was Colin McPherson and Jmaes Buhl.

April is looking forward to completing her AOW course when she will be going through the skills of wreck and Deep diver at Chepstow or Vobster Quay.

Thank you James for the supplied photo’s.


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TecRec 40 Course at Vobster Quay

Dive Machine went to Vobster Quay today to complete student Tec 40 dives 3 & 4.
It was a breezy chilling air temperature of 1 degree but the water was a mild 5-6 degree’s definitely more comfortable in the water.
Our dives took us down into the “pit” and around the boat, plane, crushing works and the tunnel.

Visibility was around 6-10 metres. All dives were succesfuly completed despite a dislocated shoulder which was adequately manipulated on the surface to be able to complete dive 4.

Pleasure divers came along to join in the fun for the day. This is a great dive site for Advanced open water and other training dives as well as just being able to get in the water and have a tour of the many attractions that Vobster Quay has to offer.

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Night Specialty & Advanced Open Water training


What a fantastic evening for night diving last night!

Yesterday evening (Wednesday 7th December) Dive Machine were at Holborough Lakes training students.  The students were completing their PADI Advanced Open Water training dives, PADI Night diver specialty, Dive Master Training and pleasure diving.

We were all enjoying the unusually warm surface temperatures of +14c in between the dives.  The viability was an amazing 6-7 meters and varying water temperatures between 8-6c.  There were sightings of the LARGE fresh water eel and medium sized pike along with the smaller perch scattered throughout the oxygenating weeds.

Well done to all of the students that successfully completed their training dives of different degrees.  We look forward to seeing everyone for the completing dives on 14th December.

If you are interested in participating in any of the training programs that we run at Dive Machine then please don’t hesitate to contact us at the dive center via e-mail or telephone

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Diving at Chepstow


Another superb day of diving at Chepstow.
Pleasure divers Steve and Nigel Hines having fun navigating between wrecks, whilst Others completed their PADI Wreck and Enriched Air specialities.
Also Advanced Open Water diver completion today.
Well done to Tom Cull and Laura Grange on achieving their PADI Master Scuba Diver qualification.
Ross Garnett completed his AOW and Enriched Air dives.

Visibility in the lake was an awesome 15+ metres whilst diving on the Double Decker bus, single deck bus, the airplanes and helicopters.
Well done also to James Buhl and Helen Acton for their Divemastering and Instructor skills assisting our divers through the final stages of their courses.

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PADI visits Dive Machine

padi divemachine training award

PADI’s regional manager Emma Hewitt paid a visit to Dive Machine today to update on the progress of diver training and how to maintain and improve our services to divers.
It was a very interesting afternoon and Aly Toullec joined in to advise on web improvements to our own webpages.

To top off a great afternoon Emma totally surpised us with a PADI award, an etched glass ornament.
“In recognition of outstanding commitment to PADI diver training”.

Thank you Emma and PADI. And thank you PADI EMEA and all the their staff for the continued support of our diving business over the last 20 years. Also to Dive Machine’s long list of Divemasters and Instructors that have put in all the work and great efforts over the years.

Well done to everyone..

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Another Enriched Air Diver Qualifies

testing nitrox mix

Well done to Christopher Pelham on completing his EanX, enriched air diver PADI speciality course yesterday with Course Director Robert Varns. The enriched air course takes divers through planning enriched air dives with cylinder analysis of the mixed gasses and how to use an enriched air computer correctly.
Chris started his diving with Dive Machine in 2011 and has a renewed love of diving after completing his Advanced Open Water whilst in Cyprus. His AOW course included a deep dive on the well known ferry Zenobia. With his rekindled love for diving he is heading towards Master Scuba Diver over the coming months with 2 other specialities to complete. Well done Chris.


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