TecRec 40 Course at Vobster Quay

Dive Machine went to Vobster Quay today to complete student Tec 40 dives 3 & 4.
It was a breezy chilling air temperature of 1 degree but the water was a mild 5-6 degree’s definitely more comfortable in the water.
Our dives took us down into the “pit” and around the boat, plane, crushing works and the tunnel.

Visibility was around 6-10 metres. All dives were succesfuly completed despite a dislocated shoulder which was adequately manipulated on the surface to be able to complete dive 4.

Pleasure divers came along to join in the fun for the day. This is a great dive site for Advanced open water and other training dives as well as just being able to get in the water and have a tour of the many attractions that Vobster Quay has to offer.

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Busy day with Academic training and Servicing

Excellent progress in the classroom today with the keen and enthusiastic first class of 2017 new Open Water students being trained by our PADI instructors Helen Acton and Andy Munden overseen by our newest Divemaster trainee Mark Davey.

Also busy as always in the Scuba servicing centre with  Robert Varns was Gary McFarlane and James Buhl, servicing regulators, bcd’s and cylinders ready for our divers venturing off on dive expeditions here in UK and abroad.

Gary McFarlane is currently undergoing service technician traing and is already showing a very high level of competancy and knowledge.

Does your equipment need servicing?

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