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PADI Pool Snorkeling Sessions

Learn how to go Snorkelling

Pre-requisites: Be able to swim a little.
Pricing: Children £25 Adults £30 per session.
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Our pool snorkelling sessions will give you basic training techniques in correct snorkelling whilst having some fun.
We cover the safety aspects to ensure you have a great time whilst on your snorkelling holidays.

You will learn how to fit and use your equipment so that it is comfortable to use.
Anyone that is comfortable in the water and is a swimmer can do this, it’s a great way to begin seeing all the incredible fish life that our oceans have to offer.
You do not necessarily have to be a strong swimmer for this as snorkelling is done at a relaxed pace. Any age person can do these sessions but typically around age 6 and above. There is no upper age limit.
Snorkelling sessions last for approximately one hour in the pool.
snorkeling-ladNormally one but occasionally two sessions are necessary to develop the basic snorkelling skills.
When you arrive a briefing at the poolside is first, followed by some basic techniques of mask fitting, snorkel clearing, duck diving and surfacing, finning and correct breathing.
It’s only £30 per session for adults and reduced to £25 for youngsters under 15.
We provide all the equipment but strongly advise that you purchase your own equipment as you will then be more comfortable with your own mask, snorkel and fins and have them ready for your holiday.
We also can also arrange privately tailored courses to meet your requirements and schedule.
If you have your own pool we can even come to your pool to teach you.

What did our customers think?
Dear Dive Machine, Thank you so much for the snorkelling session at Combe Bank (Radnor House) today.
Colin Winton was an excellent instructor combining knowledge with a sense of humour and being encouraging and supportive.
Also thank you to all your staff that have been so helpful on phone enquiries and on visiting your shop last week.
I had never dared to go under water all my life and only started swimming lessons in June this year. I feel so confident and happy now that I no longer fear the water and am enjoying so many new experiences.
Next year we are off to New Zealand where I will be swimming with wild dolphins. I cannot wait and now have the confidence to be able to attempt this.
Thank you once again
Lorna Dudley

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