Dive Cylinder, PCP Air Gun & Rifle Fills

AS OF JAN 2019

We fill Dive Cylinders, PCP air gun, paintball charging equipment, PPE escape cylinders, aviation and flying oxygen up to 300 bar.

We also fill Aviation Aircraft Oxygen to 230 bar for glider pilots and other light aircraft. Also industry confined spaces escape sets, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requiring air.

If you are a skier and carry the emergency BCA float airbag system when skiing (avalanche buoyancy system) we can recharge these with air for you ready for your next trip.

Need more info regarding our gas air, oxygen, helium, heliox, trimix, cylinder,gun, rifle, fills.

draeger PPE air fills
draeger PPE air fills

Fast turnaround with our charging systems we a capable of filling up to 12 cylinders at the same time. Most gas fills are whilst you wait, usually between 5 – 20 minutes.
Air quality regularly tested for (CO, CO2, Moisture, Oil’s) to ensure good breathing quality gases.
Most types of gun, rifle and paint-ball cylinders filled inc. mini-cylinders.

Information re: cylinders coming in for filling

All cylinders to be filled must be within hydrostatic and visual test date and in good condition. (dive cylinders 2 ½ years, dedicated surface cylinders 5 years)

Mixed gas cylinders must also be in O2 clean service (every 15 months).

bca float cylinder gas, air refill
bca-float-cylinder refill

All cylinders must be correctly labelled and test stamped. We can test any cylinders that are out of test but this is on a booking system and is usually 1-2 weeks turnaround. Longer at busy times.

Our trained and qualified gas filling technicians have the right to refuse any cylinder for filling that does not meet the above standards and safety requirements.

We also supply a range of gun charging adapters to charge your guns from dedicated Cylinders or modified diving cylinders.
The 1st fill on any new cylinder brought into us will be a one off charge of £10.

For air guns andrifles do you need to know how many fills you will get from a 3, 7,10,12,15 litre cylinder? AIR GUN FILL CALCULATOR HERE:

AS OF JAN 2019