Evening Wreck Dive HMS Resolution (Eastbourne) 20th June

HMS Resolution wreck dive

On 20th June we will be diving the HMS Resolution, this historic protected wreck is in Norman’s Bay just off Eastbourne.
It’s believed to be one of 3 ships in the area possibly, a 300 year old “man of war” sunk around 1703 (stories do vary slightly on the name and date it sank) that only lies in 10-12 metres of water.
It’s a superb photography and videography dive and has around 70 huge cannons on it.
There is a great deal of fish life around this wreck.

Any diver that has an interest in Nautical Archaeology will love this historic site.
We will also supply map’s of the site to help you get the very best out of this dive.
We usually only get 1-2 chances a year to dive the HMS Resolution so it’s well worth the visit to dive one of our oldest wreck’s in the Channel.

Do you want to dive this wreck?

More information here:  Nautical Archaeology Society

Map/Plan of the site here:

Cost is £25 per diver. The boat will depart Eastbourne Marina at 17:45 sharp. Please allow sufficient arrival to to embark and park.
We will be using Channel Diver with skipper Steve Johnson.

Telephone us on 01732773553 ASAP as we have a limit to dive spaces.

Email us and we will add you to the list of divers.  EMAIL – US