Lotus Elise S1

Holborough Lakes

Pre-requisites: Suitable for Open Water and above.
Lake entry: £9.50 per person

What’s it like to dive here?

holborough-map-02-smallOur divers have said this a great lake to dive. Good for pleasure diving and training skills development with a maximum depth of 12 metres. Easy entry exit’s with floating pontoon and ramp. Heated changing rooms and good parking.
Fish life seen to date are: Pike, Carp, Perch, Roach, carp, tench, eels, also fresh water snails, terrapin’s, tadpoles and Mitton Crabs.
There are a number of good quality training platforms, several boats, gnome garden, Cars, Van, many other special features.

holborough-map-01-smallHolborough Lake is easy to get to and accessible from M2 or M20.
Postcode is ME6 5GN

We advise you ring Holborough before going to the site to confirm opening times.
To contact the lake directly and arrange your own dives direct please telephone:
Paula on 0750 7624911 (Nemes Diving & Water Sports Academy)
Or come along on one of Dive Machine’s many dive expeditions.
Contact Dive Machine for dates we are there:

Lake entry fee’s are £ 9:50