Buckland Lake

This lake is unfortunately now closed to any scuba diving.

Was under Ownership with Tony & Janine Mansford as Southern Scuba Ltd..
The lake was re-opened by Tony & Janine for Scuba Diving in May 2014.

Buckland Lake is suitable for all levels of Divers with easy access into the water from a jetty and a ladder exit.
There are no ramps at present for disabled divers yet. Dive Machine and other training schools have used this location for fresh water training. It also makes an ideal inland site when sea conditions do not permit diving. It is a is a very well controlled site with Steve, Linda and their friendly staff available to assist you.
There is a changing room/cabin. Portaloo on site and their offices. There is also a sheltered area for the bright sunny days. Buckland have more fish life than ever before which include large pike and shoals of Rudd and perch. There are two large training platforms which are flat bed lorry trailers giving ample room for skills practice.

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There are now 7 boat wrecks ranging from speed boat to large fishing trawler and a barge. Buckland has 2 aircraft , a buoyancy hoop system, a fourth shallow platform plus many more novelty items for divers to find. The Malaysian Sigma Jet Aircraft, is not just a cockpit, it’s the whole plane with fuselage, wings and tail fin, well worth a visit. This is great for penetration dives but should only be done with proper penetration training. It is accessible to all levels of diver. The fuselage has been gutted making it a superb swim through – ideal for wreck penetration courses. There is also the Caitlin Wreck a small cabin cruiser in around 6.5 metres. and other underwater attractions including an old pump house building. There are 2 tunnels that used to link the 3 chalk pits. These should not be entered unless permission is given by the site owners. There are railway locomotives and their trucks somewhere in the lake. To date no one has yet found them. Could you be the first? On our first dive there we also found a car, a scooter and a motorbike. Keep a good look out you never know what else you may find! Fish life consist of Pike, Roach, Tench, Carp, Sticklebacks and even fresh water shrimps. Maximum depth on the site is around 15 metres with the average depth of 6 metres.

Buckland Lake,
Salt Lane,,
Cliffe. ME3 7ST