Shakespeare Beach at Dover

Pre-requisites: Suitable for Open Water Divers.
Parking fees: Varies
padi scuba diving coursesDiving “Shakey beach”

This is a great local sea wall dive along the Dover Breakwater.

Entry exit is best from the beach near to the wall. The beach is fairly steep and when there is surge entry exit is best done with the assistance of a buddy. There is approximately 150 metre walk from the nearest car park which can get busy with local tourists or fisherman.

shakespeare beach dover scuba divingNormal council car parking fee’s apply. Be aware of fishing lines and hooks along the wall which may pose a small problem to the unwary diver.
A good approach is to dive along or near the bottom of the wall and on return fin back a little higher in the water.
Look in every nook and cranny as the wall is abundant with fish-life and critters. It is possible to swim out from the wall and search the bottom for fish but beware of fishing lines again. We would highly recommend an SMB for this dive site. There are currents that can pull along the wall out to sea and therefore you need to be aware of tide times and currents here. A simple but wise choice if uncertain about the tides is to turn the dive when you get to the steps along the wall or when you feel any pull of current seawards.
On our dives we have seen leopard gobies, tom pot blennies, crustacean’s, lobsters, edible crab’s, velvet swimming crabs. There are some large pipe-fish here as well as a multitude of pout, codling, mackerel, Dover sole and other flatfish.