Lundy Island & Seals

Pre-requisites: Suitable for Advanced Open Water and above.


Diving at Lundy Island

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In 1986, Lundy island was made a statutory marine nature reserve. The island lies close to the mouth of the Bristol Channel where the clear, cool, waters from the Gulf Stream mix with the clear, warmer, waters from the Med. The boats we use are spacious and plenty of room for up to 12 divers to kit up at once. There’s ample space to store all your diving equipment. Easy entry into the water front the side gate and a lift or ladder, making exiting the water hassle-free. There is also a safety boat/stand by vessel in case of an emergency.
The 20 mile passage to the Island from Ilfracombe takes around 1 hour. This can be enjoyable as you sit back and watch for dolphins, porpoises and seals etc.
seals lundy island scuba divingYou will need to bring two tanks with you for each day’s diving. There are more than 40 dive sites around Lundy island with a mix of wrecks, reefs, drop off’s, and spectacular pinnacles. You can dive with the seals which are extremely friendly. It is possible, If you wish, to take part in a night dive as well. The weather around Lundy can change fairly quickly, so all divers should be appropriately trained, qualified, and experienced. You must carry an SMB and reel at all times. All the crew on the boats are professional, fully trained and skilled. If you need their help and advice, they will be only too happy to help.
Each of the boat’s we use are fully coded for 60 miles from any nominated point of departure so, rest assured, we will be safe with them.

Our trips usually involve diving for 3 days around Lundy Island, mainly all shallow diving. Typically  we camp in Ilfracombe on 1 evening then 2 days camping on Lundy Island. After diving on the last day we load up and drive home.
A full briefing occurs 1 month before the trip.

Our trip includes:
Camping (1 night) at Ilfracombe 3 days diving on Obsession II. Camping on Lundy Island (2 nights). All gas fills up to 15 Ltr 232 21% (Sorry no Nitrox) based on 2 fills a day. You will need to transport all your equipment to Ilfracombe and/or car share.
Trip costs, does not include food, equipment (camping & diving), transportation or Devon parking permits
A typical cost for our trips to Lundy Island are around £265.