Divers Cove

Pre-requisites: Suitable for Open Water and above.
Lake entry: £7 per person

Diving at Divers Cove

Divers Cove is a new dive site opened in May 2013.

Just a stone’s throw from the M25 at Godstone
Lake entry currently only £5 per day. The site has a large gravel laid car park. There is a jetty or shore for entry into the water.
Two huge training platforms (approx 16ft x16ft). More platforms are being installed.
When we book for training there we have a dedicated platform and seating area.
During our first few dives dscf3176we saw carp, stickleback’s. Also an array of macro creatures including, May-fly, dragonfly and Diving beetle’s.
As there are no predatory pike Simon is be stocking the lake with rainbow trout in the future. The setting is very picturesque and peaceful. They have a dive shop on site and Hot drinks with cold snacks. Air will be available soon.
How do I get there? Only 32 minutes drive from Dive Machine and approx 24 miles.
Their address is: Diver’s Cove. North Park Lane, Godstone Surrey

Contact Divers Cove directly for arranging your own dives at the site: