Diving Leybourne Sept 2019

Time for some more Sidemount diving


Cracking 2 morning dives yesterday and today at Leybourne.Getting sidemount configurations set up with Colin for some pleasure tec dives. As always there’s a certain amount of “faffing” over a couple of dives getting everything set “just right” for comfort and stability.
Then found the 2 sides vary in cylinder weight by ½ kilo and enough to put the trim out. Must remember for next dive to use 2 equal weight cylinders.
Thank you Colin for 2 great dives. Lovely to see James and helen in for a bubble and checking drysuit seals.
Yesterdays viz was better around 4+ metres and a lovely 19 degrees. Today’s viz dropped back to around 1-3 metres and patchy due to the late August algae blooming again.