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Dive Machine receives PADI 20 year award

Great news.

Emma Hewitt, Regional manager paid us a visit a few days ago and presented us with our 20 year award as a PADI Dive Centre.
It was well receive by Course Director Robert Varns and Carol Varns.
Hard to imagine all those years ago when we started out back in Southborough that we would still be teaching and serving divers.

PADI 20 year awardIn these years we have met many new friends and aquaintences.
Taught literally thousands of divers to either start diving or taking them to new levels of experience.
Of these we have gained new friends. Some of them have been with us throughout our 20 years of teaching.
We have seen 3 generations of divers coming through. Various divers have met through diving with us, got married and now their children are also diving.

It gives us enormous pleasure to see all our customers, to assist them and give then expert advice.
Looking forward to a great future ahead and seeing  the Dive Machine go to newer heights.

A huge thank you goes out to every customer, also present and past staff in helping us reach this prostigious 20 year achievement.

Hope to be seeing you all again real soon.

Robert Varns
PADI Course Director
EFR (&FAAW) Instructor Trainer
TecRec Instructor Trainer

A superb weekend of diving with students.

What a great weekend of diving.

The open water students did extremely well despite poor visibility, including one who has immediately started his Advanced Open Water course.
The Wreck speciality divers worked well mapping 2 wrecks and practicing laying wreck lines both externally and internally inside the wrecks. We was surrounded by hundreds of perch and also spotted 5 pike on the dives to add to the enjoyment.
Eloise completed her Peak Performance Buoyancy course and was able to shed a further 2 kg in the process.
Once again the staff of Dive Machine excelled in their hard work and effort making it a supoerb weekend of diving.
Roll on Friday where  we will be doing one morning dive followed by a great air show at Eastbourne Air Display.
We have 2 late cancellations so there are 2 spaces now available for the 18th August. If you wish to join us for a great day out in the channel email or ring us at the dive centre. Tel:01732773553.


Evening Wreck Dive. Duchess of Fife 22nd August

Join us for a wreck dive.

Our next evening wreck dive is Tuesday 22nd August leaving Eastbourne Sovereign Harbour (North) at 17:45 sharp.
Divers will need to meet, to board the boat (Channel Diver) for 17:00.

We will be diving “The Duchess”.

The wreck lies in max depth of 20 metres and stands proud of the seabed by approx 6 metres. She was also known as “The Duchess of Fife”
A 553 ton paddle steamship built in 1899 and sank in 1917, almost a hundred years ago. She sank following a collision with a destroyer.
The Duchess is 177ft long and a beam of 27ft. She lies on a sands sea bed and now stands 6 metres proud of the sea bed. The “Duchess” still looks like a ship.
At the time she was carrying governmental stores.
It’s a worthwhile dive full of fish life, tom pot blennies, whiting, bib, conger, lobsters edible and spider crabs, this makes a superb dive for anyone of Advanced Open Water level, equivalent and above.

If you wish to join us on this dive please ring Dive Machine on 01732-773553 or email:

Evening Wreck Dive P&O Liner Oceana 8th August

Our next available wreck dive is the P&O liner Oceana.

Departing Eastbourne Marina at 17:45 sharp on Tuesday 8th August.
Meet 17:00 for boarding and preparation.
Depth max 25 metres.
For Advanced Open water and equivalent or higher.

Telephone Dive Machine on 01732-773553 to book a space.

This is one of our popular Eastbourne dives and certainly my personal favourite.
The 6.610 ton P & O Liner Oceana was built in 1888, She was 468ft long and had a Beam of 52ft. Whilst en route from London to Bombay with 40 passenger and a complement of 210 crew she was sunk on 16th March 1912 after colliding with the Pisagna, a 2850-ton Germen 4 masted steel barque. The Pisagna herself did not sink but was towed into Dover for repairs. Nine of the Oceana’s crew were drowned when their lifeboat capsized.

This has got to be one of the most interesting wrecks on the south coast, She rests in only 24mtrs of water at low tide and in places stands 10mtrs high.

The wreck rests on an even keel with the bows being upright and mostly intact, as you work your way back towards the stern all the superstructure has collapsed down but the sides of the vessel are still ship shape. As you get towards the engine room you come across an amazing sight, there are 4 boilers sat in pairs slap bang in the middle of the wreck, these huge round lumps of metal still in perfect condition if sunk only yesterday. Around the boilers there are big troughs full of scallop shell, mostly empty now. As you pass the boilers you are met by this huge upright structure which stands some 10mtrs high, it is infact the ships 7000hp triple expansion engines.

Every diver will find something of interest on this dive, Whether it will be the sea life of crabs, lobsters, scallops or the many species of fish that have made it their home, or portholes that are still in place or maybe even one off the silver bars & gold ingots that were left over from the ships cargo of £747.110 worth of gold and silver ingots when the ship was salvaged.

The Oceana sits on a gravel seabed and usually has good visibility.

Evening Wreck Dive (Pentrych, Monday 24th July 2017

Evening wreck dive, Pentrych departing Brighton Marina on Monday 24th July at 17:45. Advised to arrive on boat for 17:00.

Max depth 19 metres.

Details here:

This 3.382 ton British Steamer with a cargo of coal was sunk on 18 April 1918 by a torpedoed from the German submarine UB 40, she sunk to a depth of 22mtrs. She is a good dive for novices with parts of the wreck standing some stands 7m high from the sea bed, Although she is a well dived wreck, keep an eye out for the odd souvenir and have you seen the big gun on the stern, I have. The stern lays on its starboard side with the gun laying level with the seabed and pointing backwards towards the prop.

Telephone Dive Machine during normal working hours to book your place. Tel:01732-773553.

£30 per diver.  This is for PADI AOW or equivalent.

If you need kit hire, let us know at time of booking.

Evening wreck dive, City of Waterford. Tuesday 25th July 2017

Evening wreck dive is City of Waterford departing Brighton Marina on Tuesday 25th July at 18:15. Advised to arrive on boat for 17:30.

Max depth 30 metres.

Details here:

City of Waterford
The City of Waterford makes for a spectacular wreck dive. Still recognizable as a ship-shape wreck, her stern & bow sections are upright and still fairly intact, but the mid-section is badly broken. Sitting on a sand scour in 30metres, she is an impressive sight when you sit on the seabed looking up at the bow with her anchors in place.

Her history is quite colourful, including action during WWII in the Irish Sea. A Nazi plane engaged her in a running battle whilst carrying a full cargo of cattle, and was eventually brought down by the lucky ship! Her captain received an MBE for this action.

She continued operating after the war as a cargo ship until eventually she was involved in a collision in 1949 with a Greek vessel in thick fog. Fish life includes the normal dense shoals of bib, pollack, wrasse, bass, conger eels, lobster & edible crabs. She is covered in Dead Mans Fingers and many species of anemones.

Telephone Dive Machine during normal working hours to book your place. Tel:01732-773553.

£30 per diver.  This is for PADI AOW or equivalent.

If you need kit hire, let us know at time of booking.

Pool dives July 2017

Another superb 2  pool sessions this weekend.
Extremely busy with Open Water divers, Drysuit orientations, ReActivates, DSD’s and seals.
We are in for a bumper weekend next week with 12 divers going into Open Water for their qualifying dives. Here’s wishing them all the best of success with their training courses and qualifications.
Most of all a huge thank you to the Dive Machine staff making the training a great success.
Well done to everyone in the team.

Channel Diving for Groups & Individuals from Brighton & Eastbourne June – July

Channel Diving for Groups & Individuals
from Brighton & Eastbourne
for June – July 2017

These divers are being run direct with Channel Diving.
Please see below for details and telephone the skipper (Steve) direct, not Dive Machine.


Saturday 10th Brighton
BRAUNTON 36mtrs 10.30am away £50

Wednesday 14th Eastbourne
Liners Day ALAUNIA & OCEANA 32 & 30mtrs 8.15am away £50

Thursday 15th Eastbourne
UC65 German Sub 43mtrs 7.45am away £50

Friday 16th Eastbourne
SEAFORD FERRY 46mtrs 8.15am away £50

Monday 19th Eastbourne
SS HAROLD 30mtrs 11.45am away £50

Tuesday 20th Eastbourne
SY ARGONAUT 40mtrs 7.45am away £50

Wednesday 21st Eastbourne
THE GUN WRECK 34mtrs 8.15am away £50

Thursday 22nd Eastbourne
CARLISLE CASTLE 48mtrs 09.45am away £50

Saturday 24th Eastbourne
UNCHARTED WRECK DUNGANESS 40mtrs 11.15am away £55

Sunday 25th Eastbourne
SPARTA 40mtrs 11.45am away £50

Monday 26th Eastbourne
UNKNOWN STEAMER 36mtrs 11.15am away £50

Tuesday 27th Eastbourne
CLARA 33mtrs 7.45am away £50


Saturday 1st Brighton
BASIL 40mtrs 8am away £55

Monday 24th Brighton
TR THOMPSON 34mtrs 10.30am away £50

Tuesday 25th Brighton
PENTYRCH 24mtrs 12.00pm away £50

Wednesday 26th Brighton
CITY OF WATERFORD 32mtrs 7.00am away £50

Thursday 27th Brighton
HMS KERRYADO 34mtrs 7.30am away £50

Friday 28th Brighton
QUAIL 40mtrs 8.00am away £50

To Book Call Steve 07970 674799
& email:
Steve Johnson
Skipper : Channel Diver
Boat No : 07970 674799

Always phone the skipper 7-7.30pm the night before to check the weather is good to go.

Highlights from Red Sea Daedalus and St. John’s Itinerary

What a fabulous week of dive from Blue O Two’s vessel Blue Fin last week.
Our route took us to the very active reef of Daedalus, St. John’s and Fury shoal, also taking in Elphinstone reef on the tour.
Our Dive Machine divers and other guests had a very active week of shark sighting’s. Oceanic White tip’s, Reef sharks, lot’s of Hammerheads and also a few Whitetip Reef sharks.
The Caves at St John’s  allowed divers to really put their buoyancy and finning techniques into top practice to minimise silting.
We even had the oppertunity to dive the caves at Abu-Dabab. First time I have dived the outside of this reef in 20 years. It’s was absolutely stunning and must be done again.
Plenty of small life as well and for some also had the oppertunity to dive with the giant Green Turtles.

Thank you all for coming along and making it a very memorable trip. Hope to see you all diving again soon.