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Another Enriched Air Diver Qualifies

testing nitrox mix

Well done to Christopher Pelham on completing his EanX, enriched air diver PADI speciality course yesterday with Course Director Robert Varns. The enriched air course takes divers through planning enriched air dives with cylinder analysis of the mixed gasses and how to use an enriched air computer correctly.
Chris started his diving with Dive Machine in 2011 and has a renewed love of diving after completing his Advanced Open Water whilst in Cyprus. His AOW course included a deep dive on the well known ferry Zenobia. With his rekindled love for diving he is heading towards Master Scuba Diver over the coming months with 2 other specialities to complete. Well done Chris.


Specialty Courses

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Chepstow Dive Site

IMG_0096Congratulations to today’s Advanced Open Water, Deep specialty, Tec 45 and Tec 50 students.
We’ll done to you all.
Sorry not everyone is in the picture. These students remained to complete their knowledge review’s.
Sammy, Helen and Steve, you did a great job today.
I also had my most enjoyable Tec training dives with student’s. What I find most rewarding is seeing students that have struggled with skills earlier in their course show a sound level of competence after all their difficulties. Enjoy your diving.