TecRec Tec 45 Course

Pre-requisites: Minimum age 18 years. Be a Tec 40 Diver or equivalent from another diving organisation. Enriched Air Diver. Deep Diver. Minimum of 12 logged dives on EANx and deeper than 18 metres. Also 6 dives deeper than 30 metres. Be a Rescue Diver. Have a medically fit form signed by  a general practitioner
Pricing: £475  Also need all your own kit or can hire.
Need more info: regarding Tec45? EMAIL – US
 The Tec 45 course picks up where the Tec 40 leaves off.

Tec 45 takes you further and deeper as an advancing Tec Diver. This course allows you to go to 45 metres/145 feet and make accelerated decompression dives using any mix of EANx or pure oxygen.

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The Tec 45 diver must use full ‘standardised’ Tec rig, including wings and doubles plus an additional Deco cylinder (note that side mounted cylinders are an acceptable alternative to back mounted doubles throughout the TecRec range).
A minimum of 4 dives will be required during the Tec45 course.
Dive One in Confined water or limited open water Depths: 2.4 metres – 10 metres
Dive Two in Open water Depths: 12 metres – 18 metres
Dive Three in Open Water Depths: 18 metres – 30 metres
Dive Four in Open Water Depths: 27 metres – 45 metres

The equipment checklist for your Tec 45 course can be downloaded here: DOWNLOAD CHECKLIST
Please check you have all the required equipment in readiness for your course.

Course fee’s are £475 and include the certification card on completion of the course. Your manual/dvd from the Tec 40 course has all the required study material to read.
If you are booking Tec 40/45/50 together you only pay £1100 and save £325.

I have Tec – 45, what’s next?  TEC – 50

Required forms to download, print, return to Dive Machine for this course
Booking Form
Dr’s Medical Form (for technical in-water diving courses a Doctor’s or G.P. medical statement is required)
Technical Diving Safe Practices Form
Technical Diving Risks & Liability Form
Technical Diving Agreement Form