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PADI Seal Team Programs

Pre-requisites: Be able to swim a little comfortably.
Age: Minimum 8 years.
Pricing: £35 per session
Need more info: regarding seal team missions? EMAIL – US

The PADI Seal Team programme is run by Dive Machine in swimming pools around Tonbridge & Kent, This has 2 separate courses:
PADI Seal Team (missions 1-5) & PADI Master Seal (further 12 missions)

The PADI Seal Team Course is for the younger divers who want to get involved in diving the the pool and completing “Aqua-missions” using full scuba equipment specially designed to fit them.


padi seal team diversThey will learn safety techniques in diving and can continue on later to complete “Specialty” missions like Night diving, Wreck diving, photography and Environmental awareness. This is really cool and allows them to meet with their scuba friends regularly and have lot’s of FUN.

It also teaches them responsibility. It’s available for girls and boys from the age of 8 and above.
Sessions last between 60 and up to 90 minutes. We also can also arrange privately tailored courses to meet your requirements and schedule. We also can arrange Seal Team Birthday Party’s or Scouts/Guides, etc. or any other group function for up to 12 people at a time on dates that suit you. Missions will be conducted by PADI Trained and Certified Professional Instructors.
You will complete Aqua-missions 1 through to 5 completing basic scuba diving skills having underwater fun and plenty of games. Once you have completed all five levels you become a PADI Seal Team member!

The second part is full of Specialty Aqua-missions. These are really cool dives and teach the kids different scuba activities.
The following are the Speciality missions they can complete: Creature ID, Inner Space, Night, Search & Recovery, Snapshot, Environmental, Navigation, Safety, Skin Diver, Wreck. Once you have completed 9 of the speciality missions you are awarded the PADI Master Seal Certificate and you become a PADI Master Seal Team Member. WOW.padi seal team divers

Costs are: The first mission is £35, each mission thereafter is £35 or book the 5 dive package for just £150 and save £25.
There is also a “Seal Mission Pack” to purchase seperately which will be used for missions 2 to 5 and for all the Master Seal missions. (this pack is not required for the 1st pool mission) The Mission Pack contains: · Aqua-mission Activity Book · Seal mission DVD · Aqua-mission Log Book · Wall certificate · PADI Seal Team decal · Recognition card and  application form.

All equipment is provided for them except for: photographic mission they will require an underwater camera. Night Mission they will require an underwater torch, or borrow one from mum and dad if they are also divers.

PADI Seal Team Member Aqua-missions

Aqua-mission 1
First a pool briefing Here you learn the basics of diving. You get to breathe underwater from your regulator. You will learn about your air pressure gauge and practice diving signals underwater using your hands. In shallow water you will put on and adjust your scuba gear You will then practice ear clearing and swimming correctly with fins Breathe underwater, check your air and give air signals after reading your air gauge You will then practice ascents (going up)
Aqua-mission 2
Makes you a more confident diver. Skills will be: Shallow water entry and put on and adjust your scuba gear. More hand signals. Regulator removal and replacement with blowing bubbles. Regulator removal and recovery of the regulator again blowing bubbles. Equalising the mask Ascents

Aqua-mission 3
After this Aqua-mission, you’re more than halfway to becoming a PADI Seal Team member! Skills to complete are: Shallow water entry and put on and adjust scuba gear. Some more hand signals. Practice Inflating & deflating your BCD at surface. Flood and clear water from your mask while underwater. Breathing from an Octopus. Ascents

Aqua-mission 4
Now it’s time to feel like an Astronaut, you learn what it’s like to be weightless. Skills are: shallow water entry and put on and adjust scuba gear. Regulator removal and recovery from behind you. Fin pivots and hovering in mid-water. Ascents.

Aqua-mission 5
This is your last and qualifying aqua-mission. On completion you will be awarded the PADI Seal Certificate. Skills to complete are: Snorkel clearing and Snorkel to regulator exchange. Surface swimming with scuba gear. You will then repeat all these skills to show mastery from all the previous missions. Shallow water entry put on and adjust scuba gear. Snorkel to regulator exchange. Surface swim to descent line. Deflate BCD, descend, ear clearing, Breathe whilst underwater Underwater swimming. Read your air gauge and signalling. Clear water from mask while underwater. Octopus breathing. Hand signals. Regulator removal and recovery. Replace regulator and clear. Fin pivot & hovering. Inflate BCD at surface.

PADI Master Seal Team Specialty Aqua-missions

These can only be completed after becoming a PADI Seal as in above 5 missions.

  • Creature ID Specialist
    Learn how to identify aquatic animals. Learn how these animals move, swim or push themselves through the water. Identify aquatic creatures New hand signals for aquatic creatures
  • Environmental Specialist
    Here you play the role of a scientist, practice, search for and uncover the secrets of pollution. · By knowing these skills you will help you protect the environment both above and below the water. Skills: Swim feet high, head low search position · Underwater clean-up of rubbish carefully placed in the pool using a search pattern
  • Inner Space Specialist
    Here you will learn how to hover in the water just like an Astronaut. We have a special space capsule for you to build underwater and then practice your buoyancy around it. Skills including fin pivots and hovering.
  • Navigation Specialist
    Here you’ll learn to measure distances underwater and how to not get lost when diving! Skills include: Underwater compass practice. Measure distances by counting kick cycles.
  • Night Specialist
    Here you will find diving in the dark exciting and fun, the parents will wonder what’s going on as all they can see are your lights. This is one of the greatest dives to do with your buddies and it’s super cool. We will show you how to signal your buddy underwater at night and “YES” the whole pool is in the dark for this one.
  • Safety Specialist
    Here you will learn how to help and care for your fellow buddy if they get into trouble. Skills covered are: Pre-dive safety check. Cramp removal of yourself and your buddy. Throw a rescue line or float to a buddy in need. Surface buoyancy of yourself and your buddy. Rescue tow.
  • Search & Recovery Specialist
    Here you’ll learn how to search for a lost item and bring it safely to the surface. You will be searching for a lost item on pool bottom using special search patterns. Remove an object from pool bottom by using a lift bag and your octopus.
  • Skin Diver Specialist
    This is the only session where you will not be in scuba for most of the session however good snorkelling skills are an essential part of diving.
    You will practice snorkel, mask and fins adjustment. Snorkel swim on surface without using your hands. Blast clearing your snorkel. Removing of water from your mask. Control your direction while swimming on the surface and duck diving.
  • Snapshot Specialist
    Learn how to take really cool underwater photographs of your buddies underwater and then show them to all your friends
    You will be taking pictures underwater and how to get some special photographic effects.
  • Wreck Specialist
    Ever wondered what it might be like to explore a sunken wreck? We will show you how to assemble a wreck underwater then explore it carefully avoiding potential hazards ( the hazards are not real for this exercise) Practice good buoyancy control Measure and map the wreck whilst underwater.
    On completion of 10 of these missions you then gain the PADI Master Seal Certification and PIC Card.

I have this qualification, what’s next? PADI JUNIOR OPEN WATER COURSE

Required forms to download, print and return to Dive Machine for this course
Booking Form
Dr’s Medical Form (only required when a “YES” answer is on student medical statement)
Seal Team Statement Form

Dates shown below are for children’s
Bubblemaker & PADI Seal Team programs only
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