Servicing BCD’s

When should a BCD be serviced?

A common question I have from customers is.
“Should I get my BCD serviced as well as my regulators?”
The simple answer is yes.

Problems we have come across over the years is divers having uncontrolled ascents due to sticky/stuck inflators or letting by air causing a slow inflation of the BCD or leak’s from the inflator mechanism.

BCD servicingThe picture here show’s what happens to the inflator nipple (Schrader valve) if it is not serviced on a regular basis.
The right one is a new one, the left is 2 years old.
How often should the BCD be serviced? Most manufacturers recommend every year, some do say a 2 year period, so check with us or read through your instruction manual that comes with your BCD.
This Schrader came out of a BCD serviced this week and unfortunately not a rare occasion. I see these in poor condition in 1 in 6-8 bcd’s.
What can you do to help reduce some of these issues. Ensure thorough rinsing of the inside of the BCD bladder and externally with warm water. Use the inflate deflate buttons to release the rinse water from the BCD, this helps wash some of the salt residues out that speed up the degradation of the working parts.
It’s also worthwhile to point out here that the manufacturers kits used in BCD servicing include all required service parts.

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Regulator & Equipment Servicing

Have your regulators been serviced recently.
It’s concerning to still see Apeks regulators coming in that have been serviced and not had the 2nd stage diaphragms changed.
This is a required update by Apeks that has been in place for over 10 years.
The diaphragm on the right is the old diaphragm that must be removed and replaced with a new one, shown on left.
The old ones tear easily causing a wet breath and the plastic disk misshapes.
You can see the tear in the middle photo and the misshaped disk in the 1st photo.

This regulator had been serviced recently in the United States and we have now upgraded it to the current diaphragm.

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Busy day with Academic training and Servicing

Excellent progress in the classroom today with the keen and enthusiastic first class of 2017 new Open Water students being trained by our PADI instructors Helen Acton and Andy Munden overseen by our newest Divemaster trainee Mark Davey.

Also busy as always in the Scuba servicing centre with  Robert Varns was Gary McFarlane and James Buhl, servicing regulators, bcd’s and cylinders ready for our divers venturing off on dive expeditions here in UK and abroad.

Gary McFarlane is currently undergoing service technician traing and is already showing a very high level of competancy and knowledge.

Does your equipment need servicing?

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Quiz of the week.

Can any diver guess what this is?
I was servicing a piece of dive equipment and I discovered this.
It’s unusual and first time I have seen this extreme condition on a piece of dive kit in over 20 years of servicing.
No prizes for the right answer!!

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Failed Cylinder Valve

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Ensure your cylinders and valves are tested regularly to prevent possible air leaks and ultimatley failure as in the case of this cylinder.
It was overdue a service. As you can see the oring is well past it’s best and has deteriorated to the point of it breaking into pieces. It is also worn to about 10% of it’s normal size and completely lost it’s ability to seal safely.
Diving cylinders should be tested every 30 months in the UK. Also every 15 months if used for Enriched air gases. Make sure your’s is safe to use for diving, have it inspected and tested on a regular basis.

Recent Servicing Issues

Just some of the issues with customers equipment that was serviced this month.
Don’t worry you will never be named.
We are just pleased to be able to get your equipment back into safe working condition’s.
Remember your life depends on fully functioning and well maintained equipment by our trained and experienced service technician’s.

If you need you kit serviced please contact us:

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