EFR Student Qualifies

Well done to Graham Chapman on completion of his EFR Refresher course.

Also well done to Becky Winton. As a new EFR Instructor Becky has now taught her first EFR course with James.

Becky has also completed her First Aid at Work Instructor and will be teaching First at at work courses next month.

It was a pleasure being a body for his skills deevelopment and scenarios.
I felt I was well looked after. Let’s hope you don’t need to put the skills to the test in real medical issues however if you do you are well equipped now to deal with anything should it happen.

EFR & FAAW Instructor Qualifies

Congratulations to Becky Winton on completing her EFR Instructor and First Aid at Work Instructor courses today.
Becky is a current Assistant Instructor and has worked with Dive Machine for the last 20 years.
Becky has always been passionate about her instructor skills in diving and has now widened her horizons and become both an EFR Instructor and a First Aid at Work Instructor.
These 2 instructor course enables her to teach all the First Aid courses with Dive Machine both in the dive industry and other avenues of worplaces. She has found the course enjoyable and has learnt a great deal about the techiques in teaching the courses and how to carry out effective assesment as the final stage of the workplace First Aid Courses.

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